1297507501631_ORIGINALThis week’s podcast starts on a somber note. CHML’s Scott Thompson was taking calls from listeners regarding terrorist attacks in Europe, specifically, the airport murders earlier this week at the Brussels’ airport.

I was at that airport last fall, stuck there overnight in fact as I changed planes between Cannes and back home in Toronto. It is a big, modern mall of a place, full of high-end fashion stores and even a few tourist-y displays related to the comic book hero Tin-tin.

Scott asks if the attacks in Europe would lead me to think twice about traveling abroad. I had to admit I was glad when I heard my son had postponed a planned trip to London this Easter.

We also talk about the death of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford and how his passing did not merit a mention Tuesday night on any of the late night talk shows. What a difference two years makes.

CHML_AM_Logo.svgWe also discuss the announcement that Sarah Palin is going to host an upcoming reality show–and the curious fact that you have a former politician getting into the realty racket at the same time as you have a former reality show host getting into the ultimate political game. Welcome to Bizarre-o-world.

You can listen in here.


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