Sarah Palin


This week’s podcast starts on a somber note. CHML’s Scott Thompson was taking calls from listeners regarding terrorist attacks in Europe, specifically, the airport murders earlier this week at the Brussels’ airport. I was at that airport last fall, stuck there overnight in fact as I changed planes between Cannes and back home in Toronto.

PASADENA, CA–Did I go to this morning’s TCA breakfast with Sarah Palin? You betcha.The former Governor of Alaska was at press tour to promote her involvement with the Sportman Channel, a service which, we’re told, promotes a “red, white and blue lifestyle.”Basically the folks at the channel believe that being connected to the outdoors defines

Reporters don’t want to miss a word Russell Brand says BEVERLY HILLS, CA–Tonight is the final night of the initial six-episode test run for Russell Brand’s late night series Brand X. It airs on FX and FX Canada at 11 p.m.The cable network has already ordered seven more episodes featuring the blunt Brit, although the

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson asks if Sarah Palin really was at the NBC TCA party Tuesday night. You Betcha, Scott. The former Alaskan governor was there in all her high heeled glory.And a fine looking woman she is too. She’d make a fine real estate agent.NBC did not post any photos of Palin on

Standing by her man. Lisa Rose/NBC BEVERLY HILLS, CA–These bleary eyes have seen strange sights but the strangest I ever did see, was the night Sarah Palin stole the show from a monkey and NBC.And I’ve seen some strange sights. I’ve seen grown men struggle to get a usable quote from Ozzy Osbourne. I’ve seen

It`s true–Julianne Moore does an even better Sarah Palin than does Tina Fey.Judge for yourself Saturday night at 9 p.m. when HBO and HBO Canada premiere Game Change. The TV-movie is adapted from the best selling book that looked at the 2008 U.S. presidential election campaign. Writer Danny Strong focused on the Republican ticket, primarily

The next two nights could bring the comedy highlights of the new TV season. No, not the return of Little Mosque on the Prairie and Sophie on CBC (starting tonight at 8 p.m.). I’m talking the federal leaders debate in French (8 p.m., Radio Canada) and, tomorrow night, in English (CBC, CTV–AND on Global, despite