Netflix seems to be cramming content on a daily basis in an all out effort to keep subscribers hooked. In a little over a week, Disney and Apple are both launching their own, robust SVOD services.

One of Netflix’s latest releases is Living with Yourself, an eight-part series from former Daily Show producer Timothy Greenberg.

The series calls for everyone’s favourite ensemble pal, Paul Rudd, to not just play the lead but play both leads. He’s an ad agency hot shot who is failing at work and perhaps at marriage and reaches for a crazy short cut — a mysterious pep treatment recommended by a co-worker. This calls for a lot of cash ($50 grand) paid to two creepy workers at a suburban strip mall.

There, people come out better than when they came in. The proof is in perhaps the series’ funniest moment, a sports star cameo that comes just in time for Rudd’s character to decide to, what the heck, give this miracle cure a try.

Turns out it’s no cure; our hero had been cloned. While it’s fun to see the actor play opposite himself, spread over eight episodes, the novelty starts to wear off.

I have to hop in the car, so come with me, in the above video, and I’ll tell you how twice the Rudd can still be a dud.


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