In the last few days, I’ve done ten radio interviews all about one topic: the sudden stock dump at Netflix. The one-day dip of around 35 per cent wiped out an estimated US$50 billion in valuation. It was triggered by a quarterly report that showed that, for the first time in its eleven-year history, subscriptions

The brioux.tv August calendar page has been updated to include, among other things, tonight’s surprise addition of four new episodes of Grace & Frankie. Production on the comedy, which is entering its seventh and final season, has been delayed due to safety protocols during the pandemic. No sense putting stars Jane Fonda, 83, and Lily

Friday is always a big launch day for streaming services, but especially in the first weekend of summer. If you subscribe, therefore, to Netflix, Disney+, Peacock, Hulu or others, you should fine something fun to watch this weekend. If not, there’s always hockey. Here are some suggested picks: Miley Cyrus Presents Stand By You (Peacock).