Ellen DeGeneres has seen a lot in 19 seasons of her daytime talk show. What happens on this afternoon’s show, however, blew her away.

A seven-year-old from Lakefield, Ont., moved the entertainer to tears with a pep talk that clearly came at the right time.

DeGeneres’ staff happened upon a viral video of the tyke, Callan Perks, who was shown giving a rousing motivational speech to the OHL Peterborough Petes. He had won a contest to help motivate the junior hockey team. “Legends are made every day and you could be one of the greats,” he told the players. “We won’t let those [Ottawa] 67s get a win in our barn!”

The adorable lad, then 6, delivered the speech in a suit. “Coach Cal” the players call him.

He got all dressed up again for his visit with Ellen.

The amazing little ball of energy tells the host that his main motivational message to everyone is, “Even if you are having a bad day, just go out there and get the W!”


He stood up to deliver a very effective pep talk directly to the star. “For 19 seasons you have given your all on this stage,” he said, pointing like crazy for emphasis. You are a legend… let’s go Ellen!”

This kid got a standing ovation from the studio audience. DeGeneres, moved to tears, gave him a careful hug. This is her farewell season, and a year ago reports of abusive behaviour from former producers on the show surfaced and tarnished the comedian’s reputation and legacy.

It had an impact, therefore, to have some random kid from Canada tell her that, “when it’s time to say goodbye and turn out the lights, just remember that you Ellen, will always get the W because you have given whatever it takes to be you.”

Wiping away tears, DeGeneres tells Perks, “I know a lot of fancy people… what you just said to me means more to me that what I can possibly convey to you.”

As much as it lifts DeGeneres, adorable Perks reminds us that we all could use a pep talk right about now. Thank you, Coach Cal.

Watch it all unfold today at 3p.m. ET on CTV and NBC stations, with highlights on the clip above.

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