In happier days (l-r): Howie Mandel, Bill Brioux, John Doyle

BRAMPTON, Ont. — A tradition of futile joke-telling has ended in Canada.

In the wake of John Doyle’s decision to stop reviewing television at The Globe and Mail, fellow journalist Bill Brioux has vowed to no longer tell his favourite joke.

It generally appeared on Twitter and went like this: “Babylon 5, Leafs Nothing,” or, “Avenue 5, Leafs Nothing.”

“It seemed to work best with a ‘five’ as the set-up,” said Brioux, who has told this joke to little or no effect since 1968.

The play on words was in reference to the Toronto Maple Leafs having gone 55 years without winning a Stanley Cup.

The higher the number, the less funny the joke,” said Brioux, who gave an example: “Playhouse 90, Leafs Nothing – see? That’s ridiculous.”


Brioux said his decision was based on the sadness he feels now that Doyle will no longer be writing about television daily. “Reminding folks that The Leafs will never win another Stanley Cup is just too grim without Doyle here to weigh in on the madness that is Canadian television.”

Or, put another way: “Doyle -30-, Readers Nothing.”

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