John Doyle


Was CBC anchor Peter Mansbridge too buddy-buddy with new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on that bus? CHML’s Scott Thompson wanted my take on CBC’s coverage last week of Trudeau’s first day at work. I thought there was nothing wrong with Mansbridge’s informal tone and also enjoyed Trudeau’s zinger suggesting Mansbridge might be out of touch with

A little over a year ago, I was invited to Ottawa to moderate a panel of Canadian TV executives. The event was Prime Time in Ottawa, which just hosted industry leaders for the 20th time earlier this month. At the session I moderated, the professionals in the room were still buzzing over a fuse colleague John Doyle

Da Vinci’s Inquest: why didn’t it spark a new Golden Age of Canadian TV? Drop whatever you’re doing and go read John Doyle in Thursday’s Globe and Mail. Right now. If there’s a pay wall go out and buy a copy. John asks: Where is Canada in the golden age of TV? Basically, where’s our

I used to goof on CBC all the time when I was the TV columnist at the Toronto Sun. Back then it wasn’t even mandatory.Once I wrote an obit that began, “BROADCASTING CORPORATION, CANADIAN; died in its sleep last night…”Good times.The fellow in charge of CBC programming back then, Slawko Klymkiw, was a very patient

A couple of smart guys are all over two things I’d been thinking about lately but am too busy/lazy to get to myself. So follow these links to enlightenment: The Globe and Mail’s John Doyle is bang on as usual with this take on recent changes over at the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.