After six months of tough negotiations, the writers’ and actors’ strikes are over. How will these new labor agreements affect the future of television? Who better to ask than Mister John Doyle?
It has been a full year since the distinguished Globe and Mail TV columnist retired. I spoke to him about six months ago for an earlier podcast, and he returns to this week to share his savvy and unfiltered take on the crazy business of television. 
On this episode we tackle the following topics:

  • The impact of the writers and actors strikes on the Canadian TV industry. (Our conversation took place hours before the U.S. guilds announced a deal had been done.)
  • Which late night talk show has emerged as the best of the bunch since the writers’ strike was settled? John singles out his choice and gets no argument from me.
  • True or false: Bill Maher is a beacon of light in a sharply divided world. That’s my take. John has several reservations.
  • Which of these Canadian shows, either already cancelled or in their final seasons, will Doyle miss the most? Transplant, Letterkenny, ET Canada or Sort Of?
  • Why do surveys show viewers are ditching newscasts?
  • Where did all the TV critics go?

There is also talk of the CBC doc take on Buffy Sainte-Marie. Plus John tells this amazing story about last month’s podcast guest Cheryl Hickey. Flowers are involved! Wondering what to watch on TV? John lists several new shows he recommends. All that and more in a rollicking-good TV shellacking. Don’t miss it!

Me and John (far right) in 2007 with a struggling young comedian

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