In the three-year history of the podcast, by far the most downloaded episode has been a conversation I had two years ago with Murdoch Mysteries star Yannick Bisson. The actor is back to talk about “Baking All the Way,” a new Super Channel Heart & Home original he stars in and directs this holiday season. The film also airs in the US on Lifetime.

Bisson stars opposite actress/singer Cory Lee on the festive flick. The movie, which was shot in and around Hamilton and Ancaster, Ontario, is about a search for the perfect gingerbread cookie recipe. Lee’s celebrity chef wants it, and Bisson’s small town bakery shop owner is reluctant to share it. Before you can warm up an oven to 450, romance ensues.

The Montreal-born actor says he pulled a few favours by asking veteran Canadian comedy character stars Colin Mochrie, Deb McGrath and Jayne Eastwood to join him in the movie. He wrangled another actress as well — his youngest daughter Mikaela Bisson, who plays a news producer.

It’s not the first time Yannick has stepped in with casting. He boldly reached out to add William Shatner to an episode of Murdoch Mysteries a few years ago.

We also talk about Murdoch, of course, which just passed the 250 episodes mark in this its 16th season. To Yannick’s delight, the Shaftesbury-produced series is also currently the subject of a museum exhibit in Kitchener, Ont., featuring sets, costumes and all kinds of clever props.

Bisson says he never takes his success on Murdoch for granted, and he enjoyed shooting the recent, black and white, “noir” episode. All the same, when he steps outside the series, he looks for projects that will cast him in a new light.


Prior to Murdoch, he enjoyed leading roles in Canadian series such as Nothing Too Good For a Cowboy (with Sarah Chalk) and Sue Thomas, FB Eye.

Bisson also talks about his family’s plans for Christmas and shares his not-so-surprising choice for best all-time TV theme song. Just click on the blue and white arrow above to link directly with the free podcast episode.

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