Good news out of LA today for Vancouver: The CW has just renewed a whack of B.C.-based shows. Supernatural (returning for a 15th season next fall), Arrow (Season 8), The Flash (Season 6), DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (Season 5), Supergirl (also 5) and Riverdale (Season 4) and new series Charmed (renewed for a second season)

Does the world really need another hero? Or make that eight heroes. They’re all comin’ ‘atcha in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The series premieres Thursday night on CTV and The CW. I was on the set of the series in Vancouver six weeks ago, along with a few other journalists. We got to interview many

Supernatural has been on so long, it was originally broadcast on defunct U.S. broadcaster The WB. When it returns Tuesday night (on The CW and CHCH), it will begin its 10th season. The series has been a steady gig for stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, who play those beastie-hunting Winchester boys. Sam and Dean

Two of the better new shows in a mediocre season launch tonight: Arrow and Nashville, along with one of the worst new shows, Chicago Fire. The CW, which is behind shot-in-Vancouver Arrow, tends to launch all their new shows a little later since it apparently doesn’t matter if anybody watchers. Arrow delivers as a well made

Crystal, the monkey from NBC’s Animal Practice, may not like my mini review of her show, but I can’t go ape over all the new offerings. You can read my quick take on everything from  Arrow, Nashville, Beauty and the Beast and Neighbors now by clicking on the tab directly above and to the right. That’s where you’ll find capsule

Arrow‘s Stephen Amell will help CTV pull up its socks These Canadian network upfronts are micro-managed to within an inch of their lives. Studio publicists sit on stacks of screeners as well as talent releases for fear a Canadian journalist might be prepared for an interview, or, worse, stumble on any actual news.Despite these stubbornly

Beauty and the Beast‘s Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan UPDATED WITH CLIP LINKS: The L.A. Complex failed to make the cut as The CW announced its 2012-13 schedule Thursday in New York. Despite underwhelming ratings on MuchMusic in January, there were high hopes for the mid-season replacement series, which depicted young Canadian hopefuls in Hollywood.