Okay, simmer down class. The award-winning tween series Detention Adventure is finally back up and streaming for a third season on CBC Gem. The shot-in-Toronto digital series, also seen on HBO Max, is very Hardy Boys meets Harry Potter. The young cast of academic adventurers is led by Simone Miller (as Raign), Alina Prijono (Joy),

We all know Anne Murray was an adult contemporary, pop and country music super star, selling more than 55 million records. Her impact on television, however, was also tremendous. As she relates in this special Christmas Week episode of brioux.tv the podcast, Murray got her TV start on CBC’s Singalong Jubilee. Spun off from the

Sometimes a show comes along and critics are stumped. We love it, it’s refreshingly different, but it seems like a bingeable streaming or pay-cable show instead of something on a traditional broadcaster. It isn’t about FBI agents or first responders. It’s on opposite The Bachelorette. It ticks every box in terms of diversification and inclusion.

Attention all school-age snoopers! Production is underway on the third season of Detention Adventure. Aimed at tween viewers, Detention Adventure was CBC’s first original kids scripted series for CBC Gem. The award-winning series follows three nerdy, Grade School seniors who form an unlikely alliance with the school bully. Together, they suffer through various detentions in order

CBC whipped through their virtual, on-line Upfront 2021 presentation Wednesday like it was an Olympic event — fitting since they’re Canada’s host broadcaster for both this summer’s Tokyo Games as well as the Beijing Winter Games in 2020. It took just 33 minutes for the public broadcaster to promote 35 new and returning series from

Is it “Da!” or is it “Nyet?” I’m still trying to figure out my vote on The Communist’s Daughter. The project, which started out as a humble web series, premieres Friday on CBC Gem. Eight short (seven- to eleven-minute) episodes are up and available now to binge. The series stars Sofia Banzhaf (Bitten), well-cast as