Of the 137 podcast episodes I’ve done here over the past four-plus years, the most amazing conversation might be the second one we recorded. That was with one of my favourite actors, Enrico Colantoni.

The man has done very well since he left Etobicoke for the Big Apple to study at the American Academy of the Dramatic Arts. Distinguishing himself there led to memorable roles in “Galaxy Quest,” Just Shoot Me, Veronica Mars, Flashpoint, “A.I.”, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” and many other films and TV series.

We pick up where we left off with this episode as Rico talks about his latest project, playing a well-seasoned police officer mentoring a keen new recruit (played by Supinder Wraich) in the new procedural Allegiance (premiering Wednesday, Feb. 7 on CBC and CBC Gem).

Rico throws himself into a conversation the same way he tackles a role. He’s 100 per cent all in and brings rup goes everybody else’s game.

Colantoni (left) with Allegiance‘s Supinder Wraich

Colantoni’s brother was a police officer. He talks about his character, a Vancouver cop toward the end of his career. “He’s old, he’s tired, he’s jaded,” says Colantoni. He’s paired with this young upstart who is very skilled and she “reconnects him to his love of policing… the hybrid version is the perfect police officer.”

We also go all over the map as usual, talking hip replacements, working again with showrunners Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern (the husband and wife team behind Flashpoint) and, yes, even Apache Burger. He also kindly shares a story about his late-great Just Shoot Me colleague, George Segal. Please join us.


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