Hugh Dillon was sick with worry after hearing of Mayor of Kingstown co-star Jeremy Renner’s recent snow plow accident. The crushing mishap put the Avengers star in the hospital with critical injuries. Dillon’s fears were put to rest after speaking on the phone with Renner. “I knew he was going to be okay because he was just

Think you know Enrico Colantoni already from Just Shoot Me, “Galaxy Quest,” Veronica Mars, Flashpoint, Bad Blood and “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”? Think again Apache Burger breath! This fellow Etobian is my special guest on the latest BriouxTV: The Podcast, up now at Soundcloud, iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Google, Pocket and where ever great

Remember how September came and went and there were hardly any new Canadian TV shows in the mix? Global decided long ago not to throw a raw Canadian series into the wood chipper that is the fall TV season. Other broadcasters now also hold their Canadian brownie points until the beginning of a new calendar year.

Many thanks to co-founders Hamlin Grange, Cynthia Reyes and all who worked to pull together Innoversity Summit 2014 Tuesday and Wednesday in Toronto. I had the good fortune to mederate a panel of “Canadian TV Goldmakers, Haymakers, Groundbreakers, Hitmakers.” Whatever you call them, they were a blue ribbon panel: Saving Hope co-creator and showrunner Morwyn

Colantoni, middle, is flanked by (l-r) Ward, Allen, Canning and Casey I tried to interview Enrico Colantoni a few months ago on the set of his new series Remedy but he was just too damn busy. The made-in-Toronto medical drama premieres tonight at 9 p.m. ET on Global.The man stopped by to say hi when

Thursday night at 10 p.m. brings the beginning of the end for Flashpoint. The two-part series finale, “Keep the Peace,” concludes next Thurs., Dec. 13, at 10 p.m. on CTV.The shot-in-Toronto drama has been topping the 1.6 million viewers per week mark again as it heads off air and into syndication. A total of 75