Heather Conway


They had to know the risk. The headlines: “Curtains for CBC!” Thursday in Toronto at their rapidly rented-out broadcast bunker, CBC held it’s annual fall launch in Toronto. Reporters were lifted up to the 10th floor in service elevators and led down hallways where bare walls were wrapped in thousands of yards of curtains and drapes.

There was much to cover on this week’s radio chat with CHML’s Scott Thompson. Among the topics was the job slashing this week carried out at Bell Media. The axe swung in several newsrooms, with long-time CTV News Network veteran Dan Matheson among the victims. A couple of times in recent years I’ve driven out to

Is there an art to getting viewers to watch arts programming on television? We’ll find out this season as CBC launches an aggressive new arts initiative. Taking the high road on arts seems like a kamikaze mission for a broadcaster given all the shiny distractions on other channels. Covering Canada’s thriving national arts scene has one big

Last year I had the pleasure of moderating a panel at Prime Time in Ottawa, an annual Canadian TV industry pow-wow in our nation’s capital. Michael Hennessy and the folks at the Canadian Media Production Association host a gathering of 600 or so producers, broadcast executives, lobbyists and others who basically travel from all across

They’re still using the slogan “Canada Lives Here” at CBC. It was on-screen during the presentation reel at CBC’s 2014-15 preview Thursday in Toronto. It seems to need an addendum now:  “Canada Lives Here–They Just No Longer Work Here.” Or, “Canada Lives Here–But the Kids Never Visit.”  Or, “Canada Lives Here–Five Percent of the Time” or…this

CBC and star/executive producer Allan Hawco will jointly announce Thursday in Toronto that Republic of Doyle will shut down production at the end of the coming season. Hawco and cast members Kristin Pellerin, Lynda Boyd, Sean McGinley, Mark O’Brien and Martha Bernard are all in Toronto Thursday along with other network stars attending CBC’s 2014-15 Season Preview