Jerry Lewis


Chris Albrecht is one of those guys you don’t screw around with on TCA press tours. So the day he got heckled by Jerry Lewis was one to remember. Albrecht, a former boss at HBO, was running Starz in July of 2011 when he took the podium in front of a roomful of TV reporters

I have a confession to make. The channel I write about the least is the one I watch the most: Turner Classic Movies. I’m so into classic film that I have a basement full of 16mm movies. TCM threds my projector these days, providing clean, perfect prints of rarely seem gems. That’s been their shtick

BEVERLY HILLS, CA–The amazing this about Jerry Lewis is that he’s still here.Dean’s long gone. Sammy’s gone, Frank’s gone, almost all of those ring-a-ding-ding rat packers checked out years ago. Lewis, the subject of Encore’s biographical documentary Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis (airing this fall), has had ticker problems for decades but endures. He’s