Jimmy Fallon


This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson started off asking about the Olympic ratings. Specifically: how commissioner Gary Bettman can be threatening to yank the NHL out of the Olympics when hockey is gaining viewers in America.NBC reported Wednesday that the USA-Czech quarter final game was streamed by close to 800,000 viewers, the most-streamed Olympic sporting event

Seth Rogan pays homage to Fallon in Monday’s Tonight debut The new era of Tonight dawned Monday in a spectacular, star-packed opener for Jimmy Fallon.The show looked great visually. The new set features plenty of wood paneling in what was Conan and Letterman’s old NBC digs, with a classic, retro curtain behind the host during

Tonight at 11:30 p.m. ET, Jimmy Fallon becomes the sixth host of The Tonight Show. But is it still, as they called it during the Johnny Carson years, “the late night place to be?” Tonight started in New York, with original host Steve Allen. at the Hudson Theatre. Allen came up with the template–the desk,

It was thirty years ago, my first time in Hollywood. I was at the offices of TV Guide Los Angeles, at the time located on a top floor of a tower on Sunset Boulevard. I step into the elevator, and there’s Jay Leno. This was well before he became host of The Tonight Show. Despite

Greenblatt (middle) with Growing Up Fisher star J.K.Simmons (left) and EP Jason Bateman PASADENA, CA–Really Robert Greenblatt? You never knew NBC had mounted a production of Peter Pan before?The NBC Chairman began his executive session Sunday by announcing that the network would follow up the spectacular success of The Sound of Music Live with a stage

NBC officially fired the gun on Jay Leno’s victory lap, announcing Wednesday that the No. 1 guy in late night will step away from The Tonight Show–this time presumably for good–next February. “JAY LENO ANNOUNCES HIS DEPARTURE FROM SUCCESSFUL 22 YEAR RUN FROM NBC’S ‘TONIGHT SHOW’ IN SPRING 2014” reads the network release headline. Two

Fallon with Mariah Carey: ready for his Tonight Show coronation? On this week’s scintillating podcast, CHML’s Scott Thompson wants my take on rumours that NBC are dying to shove Jay Leno aside so Jimmy Fallon can take over the Tonight Show.It does seem as though Leno’s days on Tonight are numbered. He still wins in