John Hughes


Several recent pop culture documentaries have dug deep into the age-old boomer gold mine. There was yet another study of The Beach Boys as well as Jim Henson’s legacy with the Muppets. Steve Martin was shown to be not always such a wild and crazy guy. Even the original Beatles’ doc “Let it Be” has

John Candy may have passed away 25 years ago today, but his legend will live as long as there are planes, trains and automobiles. I only met him once, towards the end of his life, at a Toronto press conference. It was shortly before he departed for Mexico to begin work on his final production,

Did you know that June 5 was the day Ferris Beuller took off in the 1986 John Hughes film “Ferris Beuller’s Day off”? It makes sense, then, that this Tuesday, June 5, Hollywood Suite premieres their new documentary “Ferris’s Room.” The film, by director Ryan Mains, features Toronto artist Sarah Keenlyside as she recreates the