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PASADENA, Calif.–Michael Gambon is an acclaimed Irish actor who never seems to stop working. Recent hits include the Harry Potter films and “The King’s Speech.” His latest, for PBS’ Masterpiece, “is Churchill’s Secret,” which will premiere next fall. The TV-movie looks at WWII icon Winston Churchill’s second go-round as British prime minister, and how a

Clayton Moore with Jay Silverheels in TV’s original The Lone Ranger “Are ya grindin’?” the Loan Ranger said to me. “Shut ‘er down.”Thus began my interview with Clayton Moore, the actor who played TV’s The Lone Ranger from 1949 to 1957. The series, which ran for years on radio, was the first made-for-TV western.I met

Johnny Depp (front) starred in 21 Jump Street Ryan Seacrest hosts tonight’s two hour Fox 25th Anniversary Special (8 p.m. ET). Stars from older hits like In Living Color, Married…with Children, Beverly Hills 90210, Ally McBeal and That ‘70s Show will join current Fox headliners Hugh Laurie (House), Kiefer Sutherland (Touch and 24), Jennifer Lopez