Wayne and Shuster


Still several time zones removed from reality, I managed to scramble downtown earlier this week to attend Wayne & Shuster in Black and White, a presentation of the Toronto Jewish Film Festival. Held at the University of Toronto’s Innis College (a wonderful mid-size screening room I hadn’t been in since attending U of T), the

Interim CBC EVP Neil “Roger” McEneaney What was missing from CBC’s 2013-14 fall launch party Wednesday was as telling as what was on display. The most obvious missing piece was Kristine Stewart. This party was planned around the EVP and showcases her schedule. When she bolted to Twitter three weeks ago, she left the party

It was 50 years ago today that Wayne & Shuster made their first of what would stand as a record 67 appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show.If you are asking a) what’s a Wayne & Shuster b) who was Ed Sullivan and c) is Brioux, what, 100?, here are a few answers for you, wise