620-x-348_schittscreek_v1PASADENA, Calif.–The preliminary overnight numbers are in, and the new Eugene Levy/Catherine O’Hara comedy Schitt’s Creek opened strong, premiering to 1,359,000 estimated viewers. More encouraging for CBC, a second episode at 9:30 drew 1,366,000.

Even Guy Caballero would be impressed. That was opposite some stiff import competition in Canada Tuesday night: Global led the 9 p.m. hour with  1,742,000 viewers for NCIS New Orleans, the No. 1 new show this season in the U.S. CTV was right behind Schitt’s Creek with the premiere of Marvel’s Agent Carter at 1,352,000 viewers.

There was competition over on specialty, too, with Discovery pulling 494,000 with an episode of Gold Rush.

It helped that CBC papered the nation with Schitt’s Creek billboards and transit posters. Eugene and son Dan Levy, along with O’Hara, have made several morning and late show appearances in the U.S. and Canada. They were all on hand, along with co-star Chris Elliott, at the TCA press tour three days ago (the series premieres next month in the U.S. on the cable channel Pop), hosting drinks with the Canadian press on the weekend. The Levys flew back for a premiere screening in Toronto Tuesday.

The strong start follows a big opening for Book of Negroes (1.7M), helping CBC to some much needed momentum after months of hellish headlines. An order for a second season of Schitt’s was announced Monday, two days before the series even premiered.


  1. Loved both episodes! Love the writing most of all. We Canadians should be very proud of this. Hats off to the writers, cast and crew. Can't wait till the next show! Reply

    Awesome show and great title. Love the writing, the actors and the crew! Can’t wait for the next Shitt’s Creek!

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  3. It was one of the most intentionally funny CBC efforts in years. You can’t buy on screen chemistry like this and yes I know the two Levis are relatives. It already plays like it’s been running for years. Now if somehow it almost instantly replaced one of the Mothercorp’s national disgrace’s Mr. D, all would be good.

    • Ruth Renwick Reply

      I thought Mr D was lame at first but now Im starting to appreciate it and find it topical and somewhat amusing..it can be even funny if youre in a certain kind of mood.

  4. Sharyn Bir Reply

    Great show with excellent casting, the interplay between the Eugene and the rest of the cast was great. Good writing too. Thoroughly enjoyed the show and look forward to next week.

  5. I watched enough of the first episode. It was dreadful – juvenile and unfunny. Even the title is puerile and gratuitous. Canadian TV shows and movies should contribute to our cultural fabric. In most cases – like this one – they don’t.

  6. I am surprised at the positive comments and agree with those who think this show is juvenile and of low quality. It’s just not funny and Eugene Levy’s son is particularly annoying, cloying and unfunny. Making things even worse is that he is also the writer-creator and producer of the show, it just stinks of nepotism to me.

  7. Ruth Renwick Reply

    Finally, an intelligent, witty dialogue and great acting ability all around. Thank you Catherine OHara and Gene and son and all the rest of the cast..Tired of only PBS and documentaries..was going to cancel tv except I do like the odd show, Marketplace, Docs but nothing really good in the fiction sit com line..all of them are murdered women and csi type stuff which I hate.

  8. Ruth Renwick Reply

    Cultural fabric? I dont mind this show at all. It speaks of neurotic children and neurotic adults in a very consumer driven society..

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