A flurry of last minute voting pushed the “Yes” side ahead in the latest TV Feeds My Family poll, which asked, “Should the Heritage Minister have the power to withhold tax credits from Canadian TV and film productions based on what they determine is content ‘contrary to public policy?” Fifty-four percent said yes, the government should have this power. The “No” side had been ahead by as much as 80% the first few days the poll was up, but the last 24 hours saw a big “Yes” rally. A total of 280 people took part in the vote, well up from previous polls at this site.
The results suggest Canadians are split on this issue, or that a lot of people who are well organized and used to lobbying have access to computers. In any event, thanks everyone for getting involved. The question was framed in a way to try and reduce what has become an emotional issue to its root effect. I’m sure the government is currently conducting its own poll on this issue; hopefully, those findings will be a little more scientific.
The contentious Bill C-10 issue continues to make headlines, including this article today in The Toronto Star, suggesting that the amendment to the tax bill is designed to fix a problem that has never presented itself.
That surprising little Facebook site, “Keep your censoring hands off of Canadian film and TV! No to Bill C-10!,” continues to raise awareness, draw Canadians into the debate and urge involvement. Membership at 8:30 p.m. E.S.T. is at 31,450 and counting.
For those still struggling to get a handle on the issue, check out this clip from The Hour, posted on YouTube. You’ll still struggle, but you will laugh.


  1. I’m with you B.B., no to censorship must prevail…heck there’s been a cbcer trolling your site extolling censorship, who knows what these people will want to censor next.

  2. Censorship already exists in the Canadian television industry. A Star Chamber of faceless bureaucrats presently decide which “ideas” will receive funding and which won’t. The current criteria for these “decisions” is deliberately ambiguous or nonexistent.

    Canada’s cultural industries are exclusively liberal and Bill C-10 will hopefully wrestle some of the control away from secular progressive interests.

    Congratulations C-10 people on the decisive win in the Bill Brioux C-10 Poll…. majority rules.

    I now await DMC’s accusations that I am gay.

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