Did CBC jump the gun on that Sophie renewal?
Ever since CBC announced they were picking up two of their four January starts, Sophie and The Border, the rookie comedy series, starring Mimi Kuzyk and Natalie Brown, has been sinking like a rock.
This Wednesday it was down to 290,000 viewers. That’s a 99,000 drop from the week before, an already low 389,000. Both numbers are well off Sophie‘s average audience for the first ten weeks of the season, 541,000 viewers (all figures BBM NMR).
Mind you, this week’s Sophie did not benefit from an original Little Mosque on the Prairie lead-in, as that series is already in reruns. Little Mosque was way down to 449,000 viewers this week, half its season average.
Both shows may need an immunity idol to survive Survivor‘s shift to Wednesday night. The long-running Global reality series sucked up 1,546,000 viewers on its new night this week–evidently many of them Sophie fans.
The bad news for Sophie is it happens again next week as CBS continues to juggle Survivor to accommodate its coverage of the March Madness college basketball playoffs. Sophie‘s season finale is scheduled for April 2.


  1. Little Mosk at 449,000?…When the(toxic) dust settles around this horrible(progressive)experiment it should bottom-out at about 150k – 200k diehard Torontonian cbcers…
    good riddance to bad rubbish.

    take care,

  2. Why are you complaining about “Little Mosque” being at 449,000, gnt? It was a repeat! Half of an audience isn’t bad for a repeat – ABC’s “Desperate Housewives” only pulls in 4 million for it’s repeats when it’s new episodes get close to 20 million. I know in Canada it’s different, but it’s not horrible.

  3. because i’m a fucking idiot with an idiot agenda. don’t you read the blog? I only ever make the same stupid, cbc-hating point.

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