More behind the scenes “Found Objects” fun over at Harry Shearer’s My Damn Channel. The featured players this time are Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Katie Couric and Chris Matthews, all primping, grousing and chewing gum between takes. Check out O’Reilly working his Fox News vanity mirror. It should come with a warning–“Egos in mirror are bigger than they appear.”

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  1. So what’s your point Brioux? You have some tape of Ann Coulter chewing gum and Bill O’Reilly looking in a mirror – what’s your point? All I saw were some very professional people looking after details before they go to air – checking their scripts, their grammar, their hair, their wardrobe – what’s your point? Maybe it’s that attention to detail which gives these professionals ratings in the tens of millions as opposed to a couple of hundred thousand for the crap which you shamelessly try to hype. It’s also that attention to detail which justifies their 7 and 8 figure salaries. You don’t think Mansbridge has ever looked in a mirror before going to air? Do you think it would be scandalous if Lisa LaFlem chewed gum? You liberal TV critics are all nuts.

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