Attention Sherri Woodstock watchers. Check out this wonderful article in Saturday’s Toronto Sun by Jason MacNeil. The feature captures the essence of why we all loved Sherri (who passed away in April at 28), gives some insight into her mom Debbie’s plans to honor her daughter with this concert and reminds every one to get their tickets early. The concert, at Toronto’s Opera House and featuring Classic Albums Live (featuring a Led Zeppelin set), Five Blank Pages, Franky Moonlight, Dani Strong, The Overtones and Sherri’s friend and concert organizer Aaron Sawyer’s band The Little Millionaires, takes place Sunday Oct. 5. Tickets are $20, with proceeds going to a scholarship and education fund and, perhaps, as Deb suggests, a Food Bank truck. May it be plastered with parking tickets in honor of Sherri. You can order your concert tickets here at Ticketpro.

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