I screwed up on the latest TV Feeds My Family Poll. I asked if Canadian viewers would miss those U.S. Super Bowl ads. With 93 responses, 70% of you said yes. Besides “yes” and “no,” however, what I should have also provided was a third response: “I didn’t miss them because I saw them–on the Internet.”
Several of the spots were available on line before the Super Bowl broadcast (including right here at this site). You can see all the U.S. ads, broken down by quarters even, now at Yahoo! Canada’s Video site, including this Coke Zero spot featuring Pittsburgh star Troy Polamalu, a take off on the classic Mean Joe Greene spot from decades ago:

The Yahoo Video window to all those Super Bowl ads is sponsored by TNT’s new series Trust Me, starring Canadians Eric McCormack and Tom Cavanagh. It’s about the ad business, so nice tie-in, TNT. The series is available in Canada on that new premium service Superchannel.
This Bud Light spot, where a man gets tossed out a window for an unthinkable suggestion, was another Super Bowl winner:

Bud Light – Man Thrown Out Window @ Yahoo! Video
CTV did carry some of the U.S. ads on their broadcast, including the Danica Patrick GoDaddy shower commercial as well as this elaborate Budweiser “Clydesdale Romance” spot:

Some NBC stars were featured on some of the more memorable Super Bowl ads, including this one with future Tonight Show host Conan O’Brien:

Bud Light – Conan O’Brien @ Yahoo! Video

Then there was this Pepsi–or Peps-uber–spot spun off from those hit-and-miss SNL “MacGruber” sketches.


Pepsi – MacGruber @ Yahoo! Video

MacGruber. “There’s only one cola he will pour into his mouth hole.” My favorite spot features a couple of dudes who could use the work–Ed McMahon and M.C. Hammer–both willing to goof on their financial misfortunes while shilling for Cash4Gold.com. For a buck, of course:

Cash4Gold – MC Hammer & Ed MacMahon @ Yahoo! Video

Final ratings for the Super Bowl are now in. NBC drew over 95 million viewers, enough to rank it second overall behind only last years 97 million-plus who watched the Giants beat New England. NBC’s post-Super Bowl broadcast of The Office added over 22 million viewers, easily that series’ biggest audience ever.

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