Don’t snuff out that Global tiki torch just yet. Survivor roared back for the 18th time, bringing 2,008,000 viewers last night to Global according to BBM/NMR overnight commercial estimates.
The new edition, Survivor Tocantins, is the second to be broadcast in high definition and damn if those breathtaking Brazilian vistas don’t look amazing. Why Mark Burnett waited eight years to spring for a few high def cameras is beyond me.
Make no mistake: this is Global’s immunity idol. Although CTV’s top rated Grey’s Anatomy beat Survivor last night in total households (2,217,000 in the “commercial” tally, probably 40,000 more when you add CTV’s “total” score) and in the demo nationally (1,218,000 vs. 1,116,000), hardy Survivor still reigns as the 25-54-year-old demo king in Toronto (330,000 vs. Grey‘s 269,000-plus).
Otherwise CTV had its usual strong Thursday sweep. CSI (1,880,000) and ER (1,508,000) crushed The Office (543,000), Da Kink in My Hair (160,000) and The Unit (276,000) on Global and Nature of Things (570,000) and Doc Zone (434,000) on CBC.
In the U.S., both Grey’s and Survivor turned up on a Top-10 list we’ll likely see a whole lot more of in the coming weeks: the top shows streamed at U.S. network web sites. Here’s Neilsen’s initial web Top-10, courtesy’s today’s Programming Insider:
Lost ( 1.42 million
Saturday Night Live ( 1.11
Grey’s Anatomy ( 879,000
Desperate Housewives ( 723,000
Heroes ( 685,000
Ugly Betty ( 631,000
Samantha Who? ( 560,000
Scrubs ( 519,000
Survivor ( 496,000
True Beauty ( 462,000

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