Jay Leno has packed his final week hosting The Tonight Show with plenty of laughs. Thursday night was no exception, with old reliable Billy Crystal serenading Leno with his trademark show tune shtick, always a big hit at the Oscars. Here’s a clip (if those cross border killjoys at NBC haven’t taken it down already):

I wondered when somebody was going to goof on that crazy black patch of hair in the middle of Leno’s head. The song and dance was a good old fashioned, showbizzy moment, a blast from the Carson’s Tonight Show past as the Leno era draws to a close.
Crystal also pointed out last night how Larry King was the original Twitter king, linking together random sentences in his crazy old USA Today columns a decade or so ago. Typical King observations: “… I hope Alec Baldwin knows how good an actor he is … Do guys get shaves at barber shops anymore? … The older I get the less I like winter … ” sounded just as banal as today’s Twitter blatherings.
Conan O’Brien and James Taylor bid farewell to Leno tonight. The 59-year-old comedian told me last week that he has “something kind of interesting planned for the very end which I think people might get a kick out of.” If that’s not enough, he’ll be at Casino Rama Tuesday and back on NBC and City at 10 p.m. this fall.


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