With a little help from judge Don Cherry, the second Sunday of Battle of the Blades drew 1,562,000 viewers (according to BBM Canada overnight estimates). That’s a drop of over 20% from the week before, but there was a lot of competition–and not just from Thanksgiving dinners.
Blades finished as the third highest-rated show of the night, behind CTV’s unbeatable Amazing Race (2,001,000) and Desperate Housewives (1,901,000). Among 25-54-year-olds, it also finished behind Global’s Family Guy (6th in total numbers for the night with 1,128,000 viewers).
Other million-viewer shows Sunday were Cold Case (1,263,000), CTV National News (1,166,000) and The Simpsons (1,071,000).
Heartland drew 709,000 at 7 p.m., The Nature of Things had plenty to crow about with 600,000 following Blades.
There was a ton of sports on Sunday, including the NFL’s 1 p.m. game on CTV (762,000), a Canucks game on Sportsnet Pac+ at 7 (674,000) and baseball playoffs on Sportsnet national at 7:05 (621,000). TSN drew another 493,000 with their Sunday night football game.
Right behind were all those kids shows, all enjoying at least a 30% lift from having moms and dads counted by those PPMs. Family channels Sony with a Chance, Wizards of Waverly Place and Suite Life with Zack and Cody were all in the 450,000 to 430,000 range.
Well behind Family`s Hannah Montana (404,000), YTV`s SpongeBob SquarePants (368,000) and Teletoon`s Ben 10: Alien Force (349,000) was CTV`s double pump of Degrassi, drawing 245,000 and 230,000 at 7.
OTHER WEEKEND NUMBERS: CTV had the Top-5 Friday with Ghost Whisperer (1,675,000 commercial), the Evening News (1,442,000) and Flashpoint (1,342,000) leading the way. TSN drew 819,000 for a BC and Edmonton CFL game. Ron James scored 656,000 at 8 on CBC. Stargate Universe beamed up 557,000 at 10 on Space.
Hockey Night in Canada drew 1,686,000 for the Leaf game Saturday. Imagine what they‘d get if the Leafs didn‘t stink!

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