Is it just me or are those BBM Canada Portable People Meter numbers starting to come back down to earth a bit? The high scores for Tuesday and Wednesday all seem a tad off from where they were just a few weeks ago.
Take the Top 3 shows in Canada for this Wednesday, for example:
Criminal Minds (CTV, starring Thomas Gibson) 2,700,000
CSI: New York (CTV) 2,452,000
Dragon’s Den (CBC) 1,624,000
Two weeks ago, on Nov. 11:
CSI: NY 3,466,000
Criminal Minds 2,715,000
Dragon’s Den 2,075,000
CSI: NY was goosed by a special three-CSI storyline Nov. 11. Still, look at Global’s Glee the past few weeks:
Nov. 25: 1,371,000
Nov. 18: 1,734,000
Nov. 11: 1,685,000
Glee, by the way, airs its final fall episode Dec. 9–and then is off the air until Tuesday April 13. WHAA? When he was in Toronto last week, Cory Monteith (below left in a bed hopping shot from next week‘s hour) said do not miss the Dec. 9 episode, where most of the current loose ends will be resolved. The cast is on hiatus and will start shooting the back nine episodes in January. BTW, Time has an interesting take on the series in their current issue (“`The Gospel of Glee“), check it out here.
In its place, Fox has their usual strong batch of January shows like American Idol (returning Jan. 12), 24 (Jan. 17) and Kitchen Nightmares (Jan. 29). New from Fox in January will be Human Target, starring Mark Valley (beginning Jan. 17) and the Mark Burnett reality series Our Little Genius (Jan. 13), which, surprisingly, is not about Fox reality czar Mike Darnell.
OTHER WEDNESDAY NIGHT NUMBERS: Bones 1,239,000, TSN Leaf coverage 1,027,000, Nature of Things 519,000, History’s super cool Ice Pilots NWT 369,000, City’s Cougar Town 341,000.
The News race: CTV at 11 1,323,000, Global at 5:30 969,000, CBC at 10/10:25 470,000 and 447,000.
TUESDAY NUMBERS: Global`s NCIS–the No. 1 show in the U.S. last week on CBS–was on top again for the night in Canada with 2,587,000. CTV`s Dancing with the Stars finale, where Donny Osmond was crowned with the mirror ball, danced off with 2,498.000 viewers. NCIS: Los Angeles, the season`s top rookie, nabbed 2,085,000 according to BBM Canada overnight estimates.
V landed at 1,464,000 finishing a four week run. The aliens won`t be back until well into the new year, when CTV will falsely declare it the season`s No. 1 new show all over again.
Other Tuesday numbers: The Good Wife 1,341,000, Rick Mercer Report 1,133,000, City`s The Biggest Loser 768,000, a rebounding 22 Minutes at 734,000 and Being Erica at 589,000.
News race: CTV at 11 1,307,000, Global at 5:30 1,133,000, CBC at 10 450,000 and at 10:25 473,000.

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