Canadian TV: either overdressed or underdressed

The Gemini Award nominations were announced Tuesday in Toronto. Once again, every fucking thing ever made in Canada over the last 12 months was nominated. There are 107 bloody categories. Find the complete list here. Sorry, here.
CBC alone drew 151 nominations, or one for every ten viewers of The Hour.
Are there too many nominations when Kenny and Spenny are included in the best ensemble performance category? That would be yes.

Flashpoint drew the most series nominations with 15–and neither Rico Colantoni or Hugh Dillon were nominated. How is that possible? Republic of Doyle‘s Allan Hawco pulled a well deserved nomination, along with his terrific co-stars Rachel Wilson and Linda Boyd (below with Hawk). The Newfoundland cop drama pulled five noms altogether, including one for best drama. No nom for Sean McGinley though, that’s a stunner.
Dan For Mayor earned a Best Comedy nom but the other new CTV comedy, Hiccups, did not. Brent Butt, still being punished for making a show Canadians watched.
Actual Gemini category: “Best performance or host in a variety program or series (individual or ensemble).” Who writes these things, the guy who translates the IKEA instructions from the original Swedish? Another one: “Best cross-platform project–non-fiction.” I think I once assembled that at IKEA.
Not sure why Global and CTV still buy tickets to this rubber chicken dinner. All three nominations for Best News Anchor went to the usual CBC suspects. Thanks Kevin Newman, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.
CTV, as one reader pointed out, no longer submit entries in the news category. That’s significant; imagine if CBS, say, boycotted the Emmys.

Rookie writer Tim Cherry picked up a nomination for that TV-movie on his dad Grapes, Keep Your Head Up. I’ll drink to that.
Happy for the folks at That’s So Weird. The very entertaining YTV sketch comedy series received three nominations, including one for trooper Kayla Lorette and a nom for the writers. Season two of the series, which relocated to Halifax, begins in October.
It’s just that that’s so weird sums up too much about the Geminis, for this cranky critic at least. Too many categories, too many awards, not enough viewers. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Nobody a foot outside the industry takes it seriously.
The show itself still has potential to entertain. The main Toronto gala will be broadcast Nov. 13, on the old Dumont network, I think. No, it’s Global and Showcase. I’m guessing the 13th is a Saturday.


  1. Way to tell it like it really is Bill – but i still wish we could come up with some constructive well-intended suggestions that the Academy could implement to make Geminis at least a little relevant to real world.

  2. Uh, The Foundation wasn’t nominated. I know that wasn’t made in the last 12 months, but it was certainly screened in the last 12 months.

    Also, I think Bob & Doug and League of Super Evil count here. I’m not sure.

    My contention is with the Glenn Martin DDS nominations. I’ve said this before: if doing service work for an American cable show counts as CanCon, then Ugly Americans will be nominated for a Gemini next year.

  3. It’s just a cash grab for the Academy. Tickets are around 350 bucks, for a lousy chicken dinner. That many nominations means at least 2 or 3 tickets per, that’s a lot of cash. Some of the noms look like practical jokes. Sad state.

  4. I began losing interest before I finished reading the nomination list & I work in the industry!
    These awards need to be seriously pared otherwise they become meaningless.

  5. There is one made in Canada ‘Super’ dramatic action show that almost never receives any nomination, Gemini nor Emmy. Yet easy to find DVD season sets displayed in every localville Walmart and Best Buy though.

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