Blades battlers Theo Fleury and Jamie Sale

Mondays are so competitive in Canada, so hats off to Men with Brooms which cracked the half million mark the first night out. The CBC sitcom premiered to an overnight, estimated 582,000 viewers across Canada. It might have been higher if I hadn’t reviewed the second episode instead of the first in an earlier post here at TVFMF. So many screeners, so little time. My mistake, I’ll take a second look at this series and post my impressions soon.
Brooms enjoyed a strong but not spectacular lead from the first results episode of season two of Battle of the Blades, which landed just a shade under 1.1 million Monday night. Both had to face mighty House on Global, which took the night with 2.6 million plus. That topped Dancing with the Stars on CTV, which waltzed off with an overnight, estimated 2,440,000 viewers.
City muscled into the Monday at 8 mix with strong returns for How I Met Your Mother (706,000) and Rules of Engagement (645,000).
A 9 p.m., the two hour Dancing tally took the hour. Global’s Lie to Me did 1,228,000, honest. Right behind on /A is steady ratings magnet Two and a Half Men at over 1.1 million. City drew 747,000 to The Event. TSN tackled over 700,000 Monday Night Football fans. Add it up and you’ve got nearly 6 million Canadians watching TV Mondays at 9–and there are 500 other channels.
Stealth hit Castle took the 10 p.m. title with close to 1.8 million viewers. Surf was up for Global as rookie hit Hawaii FIVE-0 was right behind with an overnight, estimated 1,723,000. City’s Chase was well out of the chase with BBM (Below the Brampton Mark).
The New Adventures of George Stroumboulopoulos The Next Generation, which got a big boost Sunday following a 90-minute Blades, was right back down to 151,000 at 11.

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