Jack Layton, among all the other tributes pouring in, was a great sport, especially when it came to appearing on TV comedy shows. Once Layton stood next to Don Ferguson impersonating Layton on Air Farce and the only difference was when Ferguson peeled off his moustache. You had a sense watching the NDP leader on these shows that he was savvy enough to grab the face time, agile enough to spar with these clowns and secure enough to know that, what the hell, it was all in good fun.
The gang at 22 Minutes have put together the above collection of Layton`s appearances. Enjoy, and thanks to Mark Critch and his twitter link for the heads up.

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  1. The original post asked, “Who other than Layton would have gone skinny dipping with Rick Mercer?” The answer: Bob Rae. It was the interim Liberal leader who stripped down and jumped in the lake with Rick, not Layton. Those opposition leaders all look the same with their clothes off. My mistake.

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