This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson wants to know what’s with the axe falling on so many U.S. network shows this week. Long running series such as House (exiting Monday), Desperate Housewives, CSI: Miami and One Tree Hill along with recent flops such as Alcatraz, Terra Nova, The Firm, Unforgettable, Ringer, Missing and GCB are making way for dozens of new shows. Comedy seems to be the big trend this fall.

Stern makes a perfect Talent judge. Mark Seliger/NBC

Scott also asks if I think Two and a Half Men will live beyond this coming season. Ashton Kutcher recently signed back on for $725,000 per episode. Odds are the Chuck Lorre comedy could continue given that CBS has moved it to Thursdays behind red hot The Big Bang Theory starting this fall.
Scott also wondered if Howard Stern will give America’s Got Talent a ratings boost. Usually ratings gold, Stern had little impact Monday, with AGT premiering to about the same level it opened with last season (although it was a particularly competitive night). I think Stern’s a perfect judge–he’s blunt, smart and direct–but, really, this show isn’t about the judges as much as some other star search shows. Consider who the big draw was on just concluded Britain’s Got Talent–a dog!!
We yak about a bunch of other stuff. You can listen in here.

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