Howard and Bernadette are over the moon

You had to know a wedding finale on The Big Bang Theory was going to draw a crowd. The CBS sitcom zoomed back up over the four million mark to lead all shows in Canada this week, as it does most weeks.

There were several season and even a few series finales as the regular season came down to its second last week, with Desperate Housewives ending an eight season run on a strong if not spectacular note. Survivor continues to outlast, but City may have to re-think its Sunday strategy if it brings Canada’s Got Talent back for a second season.
 Here’s how all it all played out across Canada in prime time among adults 2+ the week of May 7 to 13 according to overnight estimates:
Rangers/Capitals drew 1,657,000 CBC viewers Monday at 7:30 for a Round Two game.
Bones crushed the non-hockey competition with 1,615,000 Global viewers. A new House drew 1,777,000 as it heads toward a series finale. Hawaii FIVE-0 surfed up to 1,793,000 at 10.
CTV saw ratings go up slightly on another two hour The Voice (1,183,000). The season finale of Castle followed at 10 with 1,712,000 overnight viewers.
Another two hour Dancing with the Stars on CTV Two waltzed off with 1,230,000 viewers. Smash did the usual 417,000.
2 Broke Girls drew 795,000 at 8 on City. Canada’s Got Talentmanaged 326,000 for a 30-minute Semi-Final. Rules of Engagement—in limbo next season on CBS–did 139,000 at 9:30 and Showtime addition Shameless did 179,000 at 10.
Nashville/Phoenix drew 647,000 Stanley Cup fans at TSN.
Bering Sea Gold (278,000) was the big draw at Discovery. Top Chef Canada simmered to 240,000 on Food. WWE Raw bodyslammed 279,000 on Score.
Figgis (Iqbal Theba) gets funky on Glee


There was Glee at Global with 1,651,000 catching the “Prom-asauras” episode at 8 p.m. A new episode of NCIS: Los Angeles soared to 1,996,000 viewers. NCIS managed 1,101,000 at 10.
CTV found 1,433,000 with Missing, which is missing from ABC’s schedule next fall. A two hour, season finale of The Voice did 1,382,000.
New Jersey/Philadelphia drew 1,650,000 for their second round game on CBC.
CTV Two made room for Fashion Star (172,000) followed by a Dancing with the Stars results show (1,116,000), where Roshon Fegan was given the boot. CTV Two’s night ended with a rerun of Flashpoint(167,000).
City stuck to its Tuesday night comedies. The season finale of Last Man Standing drew 365,000, followed by Cougar Town (383,000). The season finale of New Girl charmed 585,000. Rule of Engagement did 139,000. Private Practice ended the night at 10 (277,000).
The Blue Jays were on deck at Sportsnet, pulling 438,000 against Oakland. Pawn Stars fetched 271,000 and 373,000 on History, where American Pickerspicked up another 118,000. Deadliest Catch landed 4366000 viewers on Discovery.
Survivor One World aired its last Wednesday episode of the season to 2,341,000 Global viewers. Rookie Blue, which returns with new episodes in late May, was rerun to 355,000. Reruns of American Dad  and The Simpsons drew 203,000 and 252,000 at 10.
American Idol narrowed it down to the Top 4 contestants with exactly two million CTV viewers tuning in (according to estimates). The season finale of CSI followed with 2,167,000 at 10.
The round two NHL playoff series featuring New York and Washingtonheated up to 1,988,000 overnight, estimated viewers Wednesday night on CBC.
Back-to-back episodes of Betty White’s Off Their Rockers drew 412,000 and 404,000 on CTV Two. A new episode of Criminal Minds brought a huge audience (1,242,000) with Law & Order SVU fetching 549,000.
City stuck with The Middle (313,000), Suburgatory (320,000) and Modern Family (789,000). Don’t Trust the B—in Apartment 23 drew 515,000 followed Revenge at 10 (547,000).
The Jays batted 361,000 on Sportsnet. History scared 463,000 with Swamp People. The Real Housewives of Vancouver more than doubled to 170,000 at 10 p.m. on Slice. TSN netted 103,000 for a New York/Miami NBA game.
The Big Bang Theory ended another season with a wedding, which drew 4,035,000 to CTV. Two and a Half Men followed with 1,610,000. Grey’s Anatomy was next with 2,196,000, with The Mentalistpulling 2,028,000, but then again he knew that already.
The American Idol results hour (1,373,000) was up again on CTV Two. America’s Top Model stumbled to 225,000. A Nikita episode drew 103,000 at 10. The Vampire Diariesseason finale put the bite on 346,000 viewers at 7 p.m.
Global had The Exes (214,000) followed by The Office (313,000). Kiefer Sutherland’s Touch reached out to 849,000. Awake woke up 497,000.
City saw 229,000 tune in to Community. 30 Rock jumped back up to 337,000. Person of Interest interested 818,000 at 9, followed by Scandal (294,000).
No hockey on CBC, just reruns of Doc Zone (169,000 and 186,000).
The Jays and The Twins batted a robust 715,000 on Sportsnet, with 432,000 of those in Ontario. House of Bryan was open to 244,000 on HGTV.
The season finale of Undercover Boss drew 1,101,000 on CTV, followed by Grimm at 9 (963,000) and the finale of Blue Bloods (1,618,000).
No hockey game on the public broadcaster, so CBC made do with an Anne Murray special (371,000) and a fifth estate repeat (370,000).
The Finder was a keeper for Global at 8 (1,208,000); too bad it’s been cancelled at Fox. Harry’s Law, also not coming back next year, pulled 838,000, and specialty call up Lost Girl did 252,000.
CTV Two went with Shark Tank (463,000), the season finale of CSI: New York (915,000) and Dateline (303,000).
City opened with Who Do You Think You Are (445,000) followed by Fringe (401,000). Mantracker tracked down 104,000 at 10.
Jays and Twins batted 374,000 on Spotsnet. Canada/Finland was the big preliminary draw at the World Hockey Championships on TSN, scoring 293,000 viewers. King continues to get crowned Fridays at 9 on Showcase (58,000).
It took a Game Seven between New York and  Washingtonto push these Stanley Cup playoffs back over the two million mark. CBC netted 2,389,000 with the Rangers’ victory.
The Blue Jays drew 506,000 on Sportsnet. Canada/Kazakhstan scored 440,000 on TSN.
TSN’s coverage of the Canada/USA World Hockey Championships preliminary game drew 399,000.
Buried Saturday at 8 and airing six days after its NBC broadcast, a two hour Celebrity Apprentice was found by 306,000 Global viewers. The Firm, cancelled by NBC, managed 326,000 at 10. A new Saturday Night Live scored 608,000 at 11:30 p.m. The Listener, which comes back for a third season May 30, repeated to 44700 at 10 p.m. on CTV.

“Finally! We can eat again!!”
Global fired 622,000 with their afternoon coverage of the PGA tour. Survivorwon the night with its two hour finale, with 2,113,000 witnessing Kim take the crown in one of the most predictable finishes ever. The Town Hall after show drew 1,881,000.
On CTV, the finale of Once Upon a Time drew 1,532,000 at 7. Desperate Housewives went out with 1,599,000 catching the two hour final episode. Another 976,000 caught the salute at 8.
TSN had Los Angeles/Phoenix and scored 1,357,000 viewers.
Jays batted 580,000 for another game against the Twins on Sportsnet, with 332,000 seeing the game in Ontario.
Squeezed between the finales of both Survivor and Desperate Housewives, the best Canada’s Got Talent could manage on City was 521,000.
CTV Two’s big draw was the final episode ever of CSI: Miami (333,000).
No hockey, nothing over 300,000 on CBC.
Bravo saw 118,000 turn up for an hour and 15-minute episode of The Borgias.

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