Kunal Nayyar thanks you for watching Big Bang

How hot was it? At just over two million viewers, a repeat of The Big Bang Theory topped the ratings in Canadathe week of July 2-8. Otherwise, viewers have been out frolicking in the sun. The only TV audience that seems to be growing is for baseball. Sportsnet’s Blue Jay’s coverage hit for the cycle this week, topping out at 800,000+.

Given that the ratings are dwindling into a summer shut down, TV Feeds My Family will continue to offer this night-by-night recap of the prime time ratings across the nation for just one more week. Then, with press tour approaching, park this ratings column for the summer. You’ll still be able to follow me on Twitter this summer (@BillBriouxTV) for the latest ratings on many Canadian programming favourites.
In the meantime, here’s how all it all played out across Canada in prime time among adults 2+ the week of July 2 to 8 according to overnight estimates:
AMT‘s All Beef Patty. Virginia Sherwood/NBC
CTV had reruns of Mike & Molly (756,000) and Two and a Half Men (600,000) then a hearty helping of Masterchef (1,216,000). The Big Brother rip-off The Glass Housedrew 494,000 curious onlookers.
Hell’s Kitchenboiled over to 1,062,000 at 8 on City. A two hour America’s Got Talent amused 1,029,000.
Global opened with Psych (384,000) followed by reruns of House (260,000) and Hawaii FIVE-0 (727,000).
Baseball was a big draw on Sportsnet, with Jays/Kansas City batting 662,000.
CTV Two’s only draw was Criminal Minds at 10 (168,000).
Big show on Discovery was River Monsters (267,000). A day long marathon of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on Food Network peaked at 270,000. A similar marathon of Swamp People on History peaked at 266,000. WWE Rawbody slammed 218,000 on Score.
CBC made do with reruns of Mr. D (173,000), Ron James(248,000) and Republic of Doyle (322,000).
CTV had fresh Hot in Cleveland (887,000) followed by Bent(495,000). Masterchef followed at 9 (1,538,000) leading into Love in the Wild(939,000).
Global stuck with reruns of NCIS (976,000) plus NCIS: Los Angeles (863,000). In Plain Sightfollowed at 10 (611,000).
City got cookin’ with Hell’s Kitchen (988,000) followed by America’s Got Talent (1,167,000). Murdoch Mysteries at 10 was solved by 410,000.
CBC aired a Mercerrepeat (351,000), a spare 22 Minutes(255,000) and dug out an episode of Camelot(183,000).
Criminal Minds (319,000) was the big draw on CTV Two.
The Blue Jays continue to swing for the fences on Sportsnet, pulling 791,000 against KC. Deadliest Catch hooked 546,000 on Discovery. Pawn Stars fetched 284,000 and 332,000 on History.
CTV got 995,000 to sit through another episode of CSI, followed by a strong showing for Criminal Minds(1,173,000). The Listener slipped to 772,000 in the overnights.
CBC had a pulse with reruns of Dragon’s Den (659,000) and Arctic Air (308,000).
Global was back with Dogs in the City (480,000) followed by The Glee Project (368,000) followed by a rerun of Glee (271,000).                                 
City stuck with The Middle (174,000) and Suburgatory(172,000). Back-to-back reruns of Modern Family followed (312,000, 169,000).
CTV Two celebrated the 4th of July with the movie Independence Day (416,000). What did they show on Canada Day, July 1stAmerica’s Top Model and a movie about an American boxer, Cinderella Man. Hey, at least that was shot in Toronto.
History was swamped with 632,000 Swamp People fans. The new Dallas, already picked up for another season Stateside, managed 277,000 on Bravo.
The Jays drew another 769,000 vs. KC on Sportsnet. The Real Housewives of Vancouver drew 123,000 at 10 p.m. on Slice.
Dan for Mayor‘s Benjamin Ayres is now Saving Hope. Steve Wilkie/NBC
CTV reran The Big Bang Theorythree times again at 7:30 (1,221,000), 8 (1,846,000) and 8:30 (2,094,000). The shot-in-Toronto hospital drama Saving Hope remained strong and steady with 1,392,000 overnight viewers. The Mentalist did 1,327,000 at 10, although he already knew that.
Global went with Duets (510,000), Wipeout (880,000) and just renewed for a fourth season cop drama Rookie Blue (1,123,000).
Jays closed out their series against KC before 801,000 on Sportsnet.
How I Met Your Mother (146,000) and Parks and Recreation (110,000) opened the night on City (204,000) followed by Person of Interest (384,000). At 10 City aired 2 Broke Girls (238,000) and Louis(114,000).
Nature of Things (362,000) and Doc Zone (264,000) stayed steady on CBC.
Disney’s Pair of Kings premiered and hit a high of 374,000 in a marathon on Family Channel.
House of Bryan (143,000, 145,000) and Jim Caruk’s new series Builder Boss (104,000, 120,000) were off their highs on HGTV.
Take Me Out (343,000) and The Choice (374,000) kept the lights on at CTV Two. Nikita (37,000) did not.
The (mostly) Real Housewives of Vancouver
CTV reran Whitney (431,000) and Up All Night (241,000) followed by CSI New York (758,000) and Blue Bloods(880,000).
TSN scored a touchdown with its CFL coverage, with 591,000 tuning in to a Winnipeg/Montreal game and another 729,000 sticking around for Hamilton/B.C. Jays batted 727,000 against the White Sox on Sportsnet.
Global tested their Slice series The Real Housewives of Vancouver on the big network (194,000) followed by Bones(534,000) and specialty call up Lost Girl(205,000).
City found another hour for Murdoch Mysteries (289,000). CTV Two was back in the Shark Tank (314,000). A.N.T. Farm was at 363,000 on Family channel. WWE Smackdown body slammed 224,000 on Score.
CBC’s “Reject Night” went Insecurity (130,000), Little Mosque (112,000) and Michael Tuesdays & Thursdays (42,000). Halifax Comedy Fest added 144,000.
The Calgary Stampede drew 270,000 on CBC to watch Rangeland Derby and Rodeo. Global dumped NYC into Saturday and got back-to-back totals of 460,000 and 520,000.
City aired Murdoch Mysteries three more times Saturday (122,000, 250,000, 260,000). Yannick Bisson—everywhere.
Another Jays game against the White Sox drew 582,000 on Sportsnet. Argos/Calgary did 434,000 on TSN, where 476,000 watched the Coke Zero NASCAR race.
The cast of Continuum seem unimpressed with the police office set
Global stuck with cartoon comedies The Simpsons (750,000 and 672,000), Family Guy (708,000) and American Dad (341,000). The Good Wife added 312,000 at 10.
TSN drew 538,000 with the men’s final at Wimbledon. They all came back after the rain delay. An Eskies/Roughrider CFL tilt drew 624,000. The Toronto Indy found 236,000 watching on TSN2.
Sportsnet saw an estimated 573,000 catch the Toronto/White Sox series finale.
Powered down CTV reran Saving Hope (350,000) followed by CSI (652,000).
Secret Millionaire (157,000) remains a secret at City. Two AGT repeats did 393,000 and 311,000.
Heartland(281,000) and The Bourne Ultimatum(757,000) added up to CBC`s Sunday. The premiere of the action-hour Sinbad conjured up 339,000 viewers on Space.
Continuumdrew 404,000 at 9 on Showcase.

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