Say goodnight Gracie

Good morning, 2013. The new year brings 80 or so new and returning network shows, and those are just the ones that have been booked into schedules so far. There’s a new button above, right under the “TV Feeds My Family” banner, that will take you to the premiere dates. Thirteen start in the next seven days alone, including the return of Republic of Doyle (Sunday), Mr. D and Murdoch Mysteries (Monday) on CBC. Look for this list to be updated as more information becomes available.
Meanwhile, how far has TV come in the past 60-plus years? Well, Gracie Allen never threatened to go down and tickle George Burns’ “sack” to keep him up at midnight the way Kathy Griffin did to an embarrassed Anderson Cooper New Year’s Eve. That was during CNN’s annual and increasingly awkward Times Square coverage. Talk about watching the ball drop! Check out Griffith’s cable news antics here but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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  1. His magic in-house TV screen? George liked to watch.
    BTW, Burns and Allen airs regularly OTA on Antenna TV. As for Ozzie and Harriet (TCM Family), they had a bedroom scene in at least one of their shows. It was shared with Ozzie on the left – not twinned. And Bachelor Father… that was just ‘ol Charlie Harper (2 & 1/2 Men) then wearing a tie.

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