I was going to write about appearing as an extra on Lost Girl‘s second last episode of the season (Sunday night at 9 p.m. on Showcase) but Rob Salem beat me to it.
The Toronto Star’s veteran television columnist did it better than I could so read what he has to say about it here.
The two of us were invited to take part in an elaborate party scene. We’re dudded up as a couple of Fae elders, although the photo above makes us look more like a couple of gay elders. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
I wish I had that formal attire in real life, the wardrobe folks on Lost Girl are magicians, I don’t think I’ve ever had a suit fit me that well.

An intense scene from Sunday’s thrilling episode of Lost Girl. It lasts from
14:01 to 14:01.5 so set your PVR’s accordingly

Salem really nails his description of the director of the episode, Steve DiMarco, a “larger-than-life, tattooed and tinted presence [who] was more raging rock star than disciplinarian director.”
If you can spare a few seconds and are good at “Where’s Waldo?” you can go here to play “spot the critics” on a brief video clip of Sunday’s episode.
As a Toronto Star subscriber, I’ve long enjoyed Salem’s take on television. He can turn a phrase and knows his stuff, but beyond that, he really enjoys television and shares that enthusiasm in his writing. He makes you want to watch the good stuff and makes you laugh as he helps you avoid the bad stuff.
Several years ago, the two of us were down in Hollywood on the Paramount lot with many other critics and were led through the elaborate set of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. For Salem the sci-fi buff, this was a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. When we got to the glowing disc in the floor where Seven of Nine sleeps, he started speaking in tongues.
Despite all the set visits and screeners and interviews and deadlines, Salem has never lost his sense of wonder or discovery about television.
The newspaper business is a tough racket these days and Rob passed along word that he is being re-assigned, effective immediately, to other parts of The Star. He has been working at One Yonge his entire adult life.
As someone who subscribes to The Star and reads the entertainment pages daily, this is a loss. It’s kinda like telling Sidney Crosby to go play goal. While it might be fun reading Rob Salem on Rob Ford, I hope he’s back on the TV beat soon.

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