I honestly thought I’d be among the first to jump all over the new, resurrected, fourth season of Arrested Development, which premiered in the wee hours Sunday on Netflix. Haven’t gotten to it yet, and not just because my money’s in the banana stand.
This time of year, TV critics get bombarded with screeners. Most are for shows premiering in the fall and beyond. One I watched today was for Brooklyn Nine Nine, a Fox pilot from NBC-Universal that had a decided Cops-meets-The Office vibe. SNL grad Andy Samberg stars as a smart-ass detective, with the great Andre Braugher as his new squad boss. I think Braugher–trapped in that submarine stinker last fall–may finally have landed in something that will stick.
There are also dozens of spring and summer screeners to sort through, with the usual summer junk like The Bachelorette and 50 different hellish kitchen shows bubbling over every night, it seems. Then there are the last three episodes of Mad Men still logged into my PVR.
So, yeah, it would be great to just binge on The Bluths. Eventually, but for now I’m like everybody else, just dodging spoilers on Facebook and holding out for the right weekend.
Executive producer Mitch Hurwitz sent a note out to critics suggesting we try not to watch all 15 new episodes at once, that it would be a “horrible mistake.” This will not be a problem for me this time of year, even for an AD fan who can’t get enough of these characters and this series.

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