BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.–PBS is here for the home stretch of the summer 2013 TCA press tour. Monday they got things off to a crummy start.
As in good crummy. Cookie Monster was in the house, posing for pictures at the back of the ballroom. The furry Sesame Street icon was happy to pose with me because I brought him a cookie. Hey, this isn’t my first press tour.
PBS showed a clip reel and highlights included Bert singing about 50 Shades of Oatmeal. There was another funny scene featuring Cookie in a Karate Kid sketch. “Snacks on, snacks off…”
Season 44 of Sesame Street begins Sept. 16 on PBS. Among the celebs cavorting with the Muppet’s this season are Charlize Theron, Usher, Anna Kendrick and Dave Matthews.
“Cookie’s Crummy Pictures” is a new Sesame Street segment that goofs on coming attraction trailers. Among the crummy pictures previewed are The Spy Who Loves Cookies, Les Mousserables, and The Hungry Games.

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