Robin Thicke looks on as Miley Cyrus destroys an entire inventory of
Disney Channel content at Sunday’s 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

DID YOU SEE IT?? That shocking, shocking display Sunday night on MuchMusic’s broadcast of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards??

No, not Miley Cyrus in her undies. PUH-lease.
I’m talking about the countless promotional spots for all the new comedy shows flooding onto Much in the next few days. Conan. South Park. Tosh.0
Didn’t that used to be called the Comedy Network?? Talk about Blurred Lines!
The Much makeover continues unabashed. What was once the Nation’s Music Station morphs giddily into Comedy 2.0. It’s like watching all the Tim Hortons across Canada turn into Kristy Kremes.
Speaking of overnights, the tally for the MTV MVA topped ten million Stateside but was far from robust north of the border: on Much: just 434,000 viewers tuned in across Canada. According to Sunday’s overnight estimates, more Canadians watched Broadchurch on Showcase (450,000). 
The total Canadian audience for the awards will be higher. Bell also simulcast the 2013 MTV VMA on MTV Canada–a.k.a. Canada’s Imported Music Station.
UPDATE: Speaking of Blurred Lines, check out this instant YouTube goof on Miley’s MTV romp as seen by Breaking Bad‘s Hank and Marie.

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