This shot of American Idol judges Keith Urban, Jennifer
Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr., is more animated than their
recent TCA session. Fortunately, so is the series so far

This is no Idol threat: I am recapping this 13th edition of American Idol.
I’ve been asked to overnight my take from here on in for the good folks over at Yes, this is the very definition of getting paid to watch television, but when I weighed in on Wednesday night`s show (I missed the first week due to the press tour), I found myself kinda digging these three newly-aligned judges, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr. Read my recap here.
I didn’t head into this task with high expectations given the less-than-electric American Idol press tour panel less than two weeks ago in Pasadena. For years, the January Idol TCA session was Must See, standing room only. Would crazy Paula show up? Would

J-Lo: back and Fox-ier than ever

Simon get all snarky? Would the Brit EPs blurt something naughty? This thing rode controversy right to the top of the TV ratings and stayed there for seven seasons.
This last session, however, was duller than an episode of Dads. J-Lo looked bored, the new Brits simply rambled. Only Connick tried to liven things up with some shtick.
He does that on the show, too, but what also comes across, at least on the Detroit auditions I watched Wednesday night, was how well these new judges work together. They seem to take their tasks seriously, doling out truly helpful advice. They appear casual and playful, not the Doom Squad I remember from Simon’s days.
Connick even picked on J-Lo, going on about an airline promotion she wouldn’t know about up in First Class.
Not missed at all was Randy Jackson, who was done, Dawg. Seacrest kept a low profile Wednesday.
Thursday’s show heads to Georgia, so we’ll see if this chummy, mentoring, down-to-earth approach holds up.

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