Strombo shows off apple corer picked up on HSC

With all the TV and film folk in Toronto attending the “Needies,” the rumour mill has been busier than Martin Short making up a big awards show production number on the spot.
Among the hot gossip reaching Brampton is this tidbit, apparently to be confirmed Monday: Goodbye, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight.
The CBC talk show has bounced around the schedule for a decade and has never been much of a ratings winner.
It was originally called The Hour I’ll Never Get Back until they cut if back to a half hour. It’s been a late night show, a prime time show and was probably a morning show for a couple of years on Bold.
Word is GST was one of the shows about to get spiked at CBC. HQ on Wellington is a nervous place these days as the Olympic party is over, hockey is lost and more cuts to the annual appropriation are about to take effect.
Even hit shows on CBC are being told there’s no more money and forget about using the photocopier.
Strombo, however, already has a super new gig lined up: host of Hockey Night in Canada.
TSN scoopmeister Bob McKenzie tweeted it out Sunday and CP picked up on the story. Rogers, don’t forget, owns NHL hockey for the next 12 years come the fall.
I’d heard as far back as last Tuesday that Rogers had settled for Strombo after TSN put hockey host James Duthie out of reach with a new long-turn deal.
What this means for Ron MacLean and Don Cherry is speculated on in the CP piece, which you can jump to here.


  1. Ken Kondert Reply

    How many signatures would I need to collect to get Stroumboulopoulos OFF HNIC. He was bad enough doing whatever he does on CBC, but he is making watching HNIC intermissions unwatchable……..So, I would rather have you wasting public tax dollars keeping him on CBC and keeping him off of Rogers. Or, if you can’t help, can you tell me who to contact at Rogers ? There is already a groundswell of people who can’t stand him on HNIC……….
    thanks for your help

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