Canadian-born caricature master Barry Blitt captures the lunacy of the current U.S. election campaign on the February cover of The New Yorker

Scott Thompson at CHML’s AM900 started things off Wednesday with a timely news angle: Donald Trump ditching Fox News’ coverage of the Republican presidential candidates debate.

The Donald does not like Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and won’t participate if she’s on the debate coverage. Evidently, he’s not the only one not in Kelly’s corner.

Scott likens this to when prime minister Stephen “Remember me?” Harper told the Canadian broadcast consortium–i.e. CBC–to get lost during the recent Canadian federal election. There once was a time the broadcasters called the shots and the politicians just showed up. Now you have Trump suggesting he should be paid to appear on these debates because he draws ratings. He’s the one telling broadcasters, “You’re fired.”

We also talk about no longer living legend Abe Vigoda, who had a mug like a lumpy Boris Karloff and was loved by late night comics Conan O’Brien and David Letterman. He actually did pass away Tuesday, just a few weeks shy of his 95th birthday.

cmsSiteLogoThere’s more yammering about the CRTC hearings going on in Gatineau and this escalating campaign to fix Canadian broadcasting’s “broken business model” with bail outs and subsidies. Boy, if they’re handing out tax money to job-slashing media companies posting hundred of millions in quarterly profits, I’ve got some broken business models around here that need funding.

You can listen in here.



  1. Commissioner Stephen Simpson Reply

    Good article on the wire services this morning concerning Cancon presence in Hollywood. One more actor from Vancouver who is making headway is Brandon McLaren (The Killing, Gracelend and now Slasher in pilot). Keep up the good work. (And what failing business models of yours did you have in mind for funding 🙂

    • Bill Brioux Reply

      Flattered to have you for a reader, Commissioner Simpson, thanks for your comment and your tip on Brandon McLaren.

  2. Dan Brintnell Reply

    It was good to see you at Jimmy”s Sunday I agree both the game and commercials sucked but the ham was good

    • Bill Brioux Reply

      The ham was outstanding and so was the chili! Good seeing you again too.

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