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Kudos to Jimmy Kimmel, who, in his fourth turn as Oscar host, brought the show in on time and — just before it ended — managed to roast one of his harshest critics. Kimmel was smooth and confident throughout, keeping things fun as well as moving. Suggesting the show was running short towards the end,

I realize Bill Maher is a polarizing figure. That makes him a lot like many of the politicians he roasts on Real Time with Bill Maher. That doesn’t mean he’s bad television — quite the opposite. Of all the commentators and talk show hosts who were sidelined during the 148 day writers’ strike, his was

Final thoughts, as Jerry Springer used to say, on Jerry Springer. When the news broke Thursday that the 79-year-old former syndicated TV host had died of cancer, requests came in from CTV News (see that report with Marcia MacMillan here), CP24, NewsTalk 1010 (listen to that conversation with Jim Richards here) and CHML. They all

CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert took his show live Wednesday night to denounce the shocking catastrophe on Capitol Hill earlier that day. “Remind me… are we great again yet?” seethed an angry Colbert, back doing his show from home as California surges through a record number of COVID-19-related deaths. Colbert’s 14-minute opening rant spoke

America — what the F? Watching election returns Tuesday night was the worst television show of the year. Never have I seen so many deers in the headlights sitting behind news desks. The madness of trying to process the Divided States falling deeper into hell was so not in the script at CNN, CBS, NBC,