CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert took his show live Wednesday night to denounce the shocking catastrophe on Capitol Hill earlier that day.

“Remind me… are we great again yet?” seethed an angry Colbert, back doing his show from home as California surges through a record number of COVID-19-related deaths.

Colbert’s 14-minute opening rant spoke for anyone in North America — don’t kid yourself Canada, this can happen here — who was sick to see what more than four years of “Republican generated chaos” and partisan political lying had wrought.

The late night talk show hosts have become the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young of today, waking everybody up with swift response to political madness. Seth Meyers went live with a similar denunciation Wednesday night; so did Jimmy Kimmel.

Colbert’s opener, above, is like a 14-minute, CSN&Y single titled “Tear Gas in the Rotunda.” Watch, remember, and act to vote cynical cowards out of office.

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