Two things: after Trump’s sore loser rant Thursday at suppertime in the White House briefing room, CNN’s Anderson Cooper compared the president of the United States to “an obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun.”

We watched it live and will always remember where we were when he said it.

The second thing is Stephen Colbert’s reaction to Trump pulling down his briefs in the briefing room. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert host taped his monologue right after Trump’s, and had to stand he was so gutted emotionally. It’s all in the above video clip, which is the entire opening segment of last night’s Late Show.

All the late night talk show hosts have been trying to do comedy in the face of tragedy the past few days. Cooper has probably struggled to surpress it. It’s hard to do theatre of the absurd in such an absurd time.

“The bigly question now,” asked Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night, is “will Donald Trump concede? You’d think he would concede. He’s the most conceded President we’ve ever had.”

Tonight, Bill Maher will give it a shot on HBO. On the weekend, guest host Dave Chappelle’s monologue will be must see on Saturday Night Live. (Musical guests: Foo Fighters.) John Oliver will finish things off on Sunday. If comedy is tragedy plus time, all of this will seem much funnier in a week to 10 days.


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