IMG_6105The one thing me and Steve Kerzner set out to capture with these podcasts was just the fun of two nerds getting together and talking about why we love television.

I think that comes across fairly well with our second yak-a-thon: our homage to the original, 1966 series Batman.

Both of us have encountered the great Adam West over the years (as well as his kooky agent, Fred Wostbrock) and lived to tell the tales. There’s also plenty of dirt on Burt Ward, the boy wonder who tried to chase Steve off his property after Ed the Sock came calling several years ago.

The series premiered 50 years ago last January. It flamed out two-and-a-half years later, but the initial impact tilted TV with a bam! and a pow!

Go behind the cape ‘n’ cowl with the real dynamic duo. Hear bat-tales that would make Aunt Harriet blush. You can listen to the entire hour-long podcast here.

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