Adam West


CTV News Channel lit up the Bat-signal Saturday looking for commentary on the death of Adam West. I was only too happy to salute the actor, who passed away Friday at 88. West was a laugh-and-a-half to interview, always bringing the eight year old out in every middle-aged journalist. Watch the video here.  

I was eight years old when Batman premiered in January of 1966. There was no PVR-ing back then, no time-shifting west coast feed, no YouTube to watch clips the next morning. You were either in front of the set (black and white in my case, even though the show was in Bat-colour) and you saw

The one thing me and Steve Kerzner set out to capture with these podcasts was just the fun of two nerds getting together and talking about why we love television. I think that comes across fairly well with our second yak-a-thon: our homage to the original, 1966 series Batman. Both of us have encountered the great Adam West over

How batty was I over Batman? Fifty years ago, when it first premiered on ABC, pretty batty. So when The Toronto Star started running reviews on old TV shows as part of their “Rewind” series of “first pop culture loves,” I called dibs on the bat-beat. See how I rated the show back when I

Holy senior’s discount Batman! Tuesday, Jan. 12 marks 50 years since ABC’s Batman premiered. I was in Grade Three in 1966 and loved that this series was on two nights a week–same Bat-time, same Bat-channel. It only lasted two-and-a-half seasons and just over 100 episodes, but for a while it was hotter than any of

News that “Kustom” car king George Barris is auctioning off his original Batmobile had me reaching for my own moment of bat-glory. A roly poly Burt Ward–looking more like The Penguin–and a well preserved Adam West were at a TCA press tour in 2003 to promote the CBS reunion TV-movie Return to the Batcave: The