TV is expanding at such a rapid pace there’s just no time left for a TV critic to even type! That’s one reason I’m posting more and more video reviews here — shot in my car between errands. WIth Disney and Apple launching even more content in a week, these drive by reviews are the only way to steer viewers in the right direction.

The latest is a review of The Laundromat, a Netflix original now streaming at the SVOD service.

Meryl Streep stars as a woman wronged by an insurance scam that is part of an international investment shell game. Antonio Banderas and Gary Oldman are two dodgy lawyers who keep secrets hidden from victims such as Streep’s character at their tax shelter in Panama City.

It’s all based on a true story, chronicled in a book and adapted by director Steven Soderbergh. If you’ve got exactly three minutes, take a ride with me in the above video where I’ll tell you all about it — including the names of the half dozen or so big name stars who dart in and out of the movie in some cool cameos.

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