SEAL Team has finally battled its way back north of the border.

The series, starring David Boreanaz as Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Jason Hayes of the US Navy SEALs, fell off Canadian radar screens after a few episodes aired at the start of this fifth season.

The reason? ViacomCBS migrated the series away from its main broadcast network after four episodes this fall and over to their streaming service Paramount+. That move, which was apparently late in the planning, had not been anticipated by the Canadian wing of Paramount+. Budgets had to be adjusted. ‘Nuff said.

In the meantime, Global’s simulcast deal was only in effect as long as new episodes of the series aired on CBS.

War broke out as Canadian fans were tripped up by American reports that the show was moving to Paramount+. Friends I know subscribed to the streaming service for the sole reason to maintain their weekly fix of the elite combat drama. Instead, they were stranded in a deep foxhole of despair.

The good news is that after a three month or so wait, during which time even past season episodes went AWOL on the streamer, Canadians can now catch up with all the Season 5 SEAL Team episodes on Paramount+ Canada.


The series even boasts a Canadian or two in the cast, including Montreal-native Jessica Pare as Bravo Team’s CIA interrogator Amanda “Mandy” Ellis. A.J. Buckley, who grew up in White Rock, BC, plays Navy SEAL Sonny Quinn. Fall in!


  1. I am so disappointed that CBC and Global allowed this to happen with the Seal team show. Seriously what does it take to get respect from these Corporations who move shows to another location with additional cost. I truly will miss the show as I will not be subscribing to Paramount plus or Discovery Canada and have nothing nice to say about CBC.

  2. Bill Brioux Reply

    CBC never had a say as to the fate of SEAL Team. It is the property of VIacomCBS and made by CBS Studios. Global only had rights to the series as long as it was on CBS, It was VIacomCBS who yanked it off CBS (and therefore Global) because they wanted to use the show to help lure viewers to their streaming service Paramount+. So an inside job, basically.

  3. So disappointed I Can’t watch seal team. But i will not pay to watch it.

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